Fixing your breakdowns, that’s our job

Your lorry has a tyre problem, and you are on the road, at the factory or on site? Just give us a call, and we come and repair or replace your tyres wherever you are! In La Louvière and in the Central region in general, Pneumac Houdeng is the company you need to fix your breakdowns! Thanks to our towing vehicles and our technicians’ assistance, your problems are no more than a bad memory!

Also, take advantage of our expertise in tyres, from the smallest to the largest, to fit out your vehicle and guarantee your safety. Whatever the weather conditions, we have got the right tyre, size and make for you. Not forgetting the service that goes with it: alignment, balancing, and a wide choice of wheel rims. So you are all set to handle the road!

Experience rhymes with competence

At Pneumac Houdeng, we take care of you and your vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorbike, 4 wheel drive, bus or van. Furthermore, we are also approved for rental and company vehicles. What gives us our reputation is our know-how and professional service, which we have been building up over two generations. For your vehicle. For you!

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